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Anti Slavery Act 2015


JDP Furniture Group Ltd and its subsidiaries are committed to running our business ethically and responsibility. The products manufactured by JDP Furniture Group Ltd are sourced from a broad range of both local, national and international suppliers. These supplier relationships are sourced and managed by the subsidiary operational and management teams.


JDP Furniture Group have defined policies on legislation, child labour, conditions of employment, wages and benefits, health and safety and the environment. These policies include our policy of antislavery and zero tolerance of human trafficking.


JDP Furniture Group undertake all reasonable and practical steps to ensure that standards are being implemented throughout JDP’s own operational and administrative business, along with that of our suppliers, in addition to local legislation and regulations being complied with. Any instances of non-compliance will be assessed on a case by case basis with appropriate remedial action where required.


JDP Furniture Group will only trade with those who fully apply with this policy or are taking verifiable steps towards full compliance. This statement is approved and will be reviewed on a timely basis by the full Board of Directors pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.